Friday, August 29, 2008


Wow....almost's my daughter Michelle's birthday!! Happy 29th, Mick!!


Wow....been awhile since I posted, but that's just me! Most days it's all I can do to remember my name!
Steve & Rob were in another really bad accident on July 22nd, & things have been crazy since! Rob got the worst of it.....concussion, jaw broken in 2 places, broken tailbone, & pelvis fractured in 3 places. Steve had a concussion & a cracked rib. The other 2 kids had minor bruises. Steve's in re-hab now....he finally admitted to his drinking problem!
I'm now doing daycare, so that keeps me busy. I'm sending in my application to be state certified to provide daycare, so that should help pay the bills!
I just found out an hour ago that Chelsea & Rob are having a girl! Faith Lynn is due on January 17, '09. My granddaughter Laura is pregnant, GREATgranddaughter is due I think December 2nd. Gotta check that out (the date).
I got 4 dozen canning jars on freecycle last week, & a freezer the week before! Woohoo!! Now all I gotta do is get somewhere to buy some cheap veggies & get food preppin'!! Can't wait to get stocked up prices are CRAZY!!
Guess that's it for now.....I'll post again soon!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Well, here goes! I'm officially starting my blog! Such pressure from my fellow blog-nerds!
I've always wanted to have a blog, but never knew what to write. Now that I'm getting older - MUCH older - I figure I'll just write about everyday shit....then, when I forget (and I WILL forget), I can just look it up & *PRESTO*......instant memory!!

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